IMG_17401 (1)POYHA or People of Yuma Health Association is founded by Dr Fazil. He is Internist and Nephrologist, and has been in private practice for more than ten years in Yuma. He has seen hands on, in his very busy practice, a need for obesity prevention. Per Dr Fazil, 90 percent of disease what patients have now can be almost cured by having patient lose weights. 90 percent of the medications patients are on can also be significantly reduced. This improvement in health will decrease hospitalization and will in turn reduce health care expenses.

He was recently voted “Most compassionate doctor in America for 2016” based on patient’s feet back about him, by prestigious company “VITALS”.


The second biggest objective he sees is prescription Opioid epidemic prevention. This could be archived by educating community doctors in safe opioid prescription as well as actively helping patients in reducing opioid dose, where possible and giving them alternative treatments. In worse case where, possible having them referred to an Addiction center, which we are lacking in Yuma at this time.

Other goals he seeks is to provide second opinion to patients when they need it

Also we are available as patient’s advocate. If there is any miscommunication between doctor and patient, that can be generally resolve, if we have a better communication  channel. POYHA is another communication channel where both providers and patients can come at the same level to get patient’s health taken care of optimally.

Lastly he is passionate about improving economy of Yuma. He wants to do this by improving health care in Yuma, thus it will enhance medical tourism to Yuma. Also he wants to have a better connectivity with other neighboring city like phoenix. His dream is to use futuristic technology ” Hyperloop” concept introduced by Elon Musk. This will make travel between Yuma and Phoenix in range of 20 minutes with minimal travel  expense. This will open doorway to rapid economic growth in Yuma.

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