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Our Services

Our Services

POYHA or People of Yuma Health Association is dedicating its focus on the well-being and financial growth of the people of Yuma.

Healthcare For All Including Pre-existing Conditions

POYHA believes that access to health care in any time and any society is a basic human right. There should be no body left out whether they have pre-existing conditions or not. People who have health issues are actually who needs more help than others. There should not be no exclusion of pre existing conditions. This does not make any logical sense to exclude people with medical conditions and cover only healthy persons???. As a medical doctor she well understands this reality, but it must be fixed. She wants to fix this big flaw in our health care system.

Increase Patient Medical Education in Yuma County and Neighboring Areas

Nadia wants to educate the community on best medical practices to help improve the communities well being. This can be achieved by improving health care system as well as keeping it cost effective.

Improving Patient Healthcare and Patient Advocacy

POYHA’s president Dr. Nadia Hanif has trained in both the East Coast and West Coast hospital healthcare systems. She feels that there is a lot of room for improvement and the need to bring cutting edge technology to our health care system. It will not improve heath outcomes, but it will reduce human errors and keep the USA on the forefront of new healthcare technologies. 

Increase Jobs Through Healthcare

Jobs can be created through healthcare changes and boost Yuma’s economy. One way is increasing medical tourism by providing better healthcare. Finding better ways to connect to neighboring cities with a fast and economical way, so people can work where the jobs are and bring earned dollars to places where they live and spend in that market thus help grow the local economy, which is basic infrastructure of any economy.