About Us

People of Yuma Health Association or POYHA, is a non-profit organization based in Yuma Arizona. Our goal is to involve the people of Yuma by promoting healthier living and preventing diseases. The goal of POYHA is to provide “Healthcare For All and those with pre-existing conditions”, “increase Medical Tourism in Yuma County and neighboring areas”, “improving patient healthcare and being patient advocates”, and “increase jobs through healthcare”.

Nadia Hanif, M.D.

POYHA President

This community platform was started by Nadia Hanif M.D., she is an Internist and runs the day-to-day BioClinic  healthcare practice in Yuma and is greatly involved in community services throughout Yuma. Through her involvement in the Yuma Community she has advocated for the need of obesity prevention. This improvement in health will decrease hospitalizations and will in turn reduce health care expenses for Yuma County.

POYHA is her biggest passion and another communication channel where both providers and patients can come together at the same level to get the patient’s health taken care of optimally.

With the patient and provider interaction being more intimate she wants to use POYHA to educate the public with better personal healthcare decisions. She believes it could be archived by educating community through various means, such as monthly sponsored seminars, magazines and T.V. media streams.

Our Team

Nadia speaking at a monthly seminar.
Naidia and her family
Nadia with Lynne Pancrazi


Upcoming Seminar: To be Scheduled

BFC Event Center
3780 South 4th Ave. Ste. C
Yuma, AZ 85364