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People of Yuma Health Association or POYHA, is a non profit organization based in Yuma Arizona. Our motto is to involve the people of Yuma in promoting a healthier living by preventing diseases. This goal is achieved by multiple means, including:

Obesity prevention & Treatment through our affiliate Bio Family Clinic and their Weight Loss Program.

Prescription Opioid Prevention and Treatment

Helping patients get second opinion when they need it

Being patient advocates.

This community platform was started by Irfan Fazil, M.D and his wife Nadia Hanif M.D., Dr. Fazil is an Internist as well as a Board Certified Kidney Specialist, has a busy healthcare practice in Yuma and is greatly involved in community services throughout Yuma. He has been hands on not only in his practice but in the Yuma Community advocating for the need of obesity prevention. This improvement in health will decrease hospitalizations and will in turn reduce health care expenses for Yuma County.

POYHA is his biggest passion.

He uses POYHA as another communication channel where both providers and patients can come together at the same level and get the patient’s health taken care of optimally.

With the patient and provider interaction being more intimate he wants to use POYHA to fight the Opioid Epidemic in Yuma Arizona. He believes it could be archived by educating community doctors in safe opioid prescription protocols, as well as actively helping patients in reducing their opioid dose and if possible giving them alternative treatments. In the worse case scenario the best possible treatment would be to refer them to an Addiction Center but this is something which is lacking in Yuma at this time, but something that with the help of POYHA could be accomplished in the future.

He was voted “Most Compassionate Doctor in America for 2016” based on patient’s feedback about him by the prestigious company “VITALS”.

Upcoming Seminar: Friday, December 28th, 2018

Topic of discussion:

Weight Loss Session 101 : Episode 6
"Role Of Surgery In Weight Loss"

Friday from 3 PM - 5 PM

BFC Event Center
3780 South 4th Ave. Ste. C
Yuma, AZ 85364


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